[SOLVED] BEA-141281 – unable to get file lock, will retry

Solution of starting weblogic server instance which was incorrectly closed.


Unable to start weblogic server because of <BEA-141281> <unable to get file lock, will retry ...>  message.


Weblogic server is still running or it was incorrectly closed.


  1. Ensure that java process associated with weblogic server has finished. Go to task manager (in Windows or ps -e  in linux) and kill running weblogic server instance. you can find it by filtering java processes.
  2. Delete <ServerName>.lok  file:
    1. JDeveloper integrated weblogic server: ~/.jdeveloper/system<jdev_version>/DefaultDomain/servers/DefaultServer/tmp/DefaultServer.lok
    2. Standalone weblogic server: <weblogic_home>/user_projects/domains/<domain_name>/servers/<server_name>/tmp/<server_name>.lok

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