01 – Oracle SOA Suite development environment

01 – Oracle SOA Suite development environment

Oracle SOA Suite is a part of Oracle Fussion Middleware software. It is very powerfull and transparent framework for:

  • develop web services
  • defining business processes (BPEL)
  • integration – there is a lot of adapters for common sources (AQ, MQ, JMS, REST, SOAP, FTP, FILE, DB, ADF-BC and much more)
  • monitoring
  • see more…

WebService and BPEL Process Example

Below you can see how web service and process development looks in practice. It’s clear, isn’t it? In most of cases you don’t need to use any language(like java) – just drag and drop, XMLs and XSLT transforms.




Development Environment

Oracle SOA Suite requires Oracle Database and preconfigured WebLogic Server with SOA Domain and Enterprice Manager.

The fastest way to prepare  development environment is to download Oracle Pre-Bild Developer VMs. There is a lot of preconfigured VMs on Oracle website, but for this tutorial the best one is SOA Suite VM.

The configuration:

  • Oracle Linux 6u7 (64-bit)
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle SOA Suite (includes Service Bus)
  • Oracle API Manager
  • Oracle Stream Explorer
  • Oracle Managed File Transfer
  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • Oracle Sun JDK 1.7.0_79-b15 (64-bit)


Installing SOA Suite VM

Download SOA Virtual Machine and unzip it. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox.

The next step is to import SOA VM intoVirtualBox (Menu->File->Import Appliance…).






After that you probably want to add some CPUs, increase RAM and add network card.



Ok. Now it’s time to run SOA Virtual Machine


Starting and Stopping SOA server

To start SOA Server, just open “Server Control Scripts”(1) and run “SOA Suite Server – Start”(2). After few minutes server is ready for work (3).

To stop SOA Server run “SOA Suite Server – Stop” script.


Included tools

To see what tools are installed open NOTES.txt file.

Users and passwords are usually : weblogic/welcome1 -> see NOTES.txt file.

The main URLS:

  • http://localhost:7001/em – Enterprise Manager
  • http://localhost:7001/console – WebLogic Console
  • http://localhost:7001/servicebus – Oracle ESB Console
  • http://localhost:7001/bam/composer – BAM Composer

Oracle SOA Suite VM contains JDeveloper 12c (double click desktop icon to lauch it).


Now you are ready for first HelloWorld service in Oracle SOA Suite.

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