Google XML Sitemaps, Yoast SEO – Error 403

If Google robot cannot access your sitemap, add this to your website .htaccess file.

# Sitemap 403 fix
<FilesMatch "(sitemap.xml|sitemap-.*.xml)">
	allow from all
# END Sitemap 403 fix

You can modify “FilesMatch” line to your case.

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Guy Milnes
11 months ago

Hi. Many thanks for this as I have that problem, but not sure what you mean by “You can modify “FilesMatch” line to your case”. Do I have to put something where the * is or the sitemap.xml?
Many thanks.

mohammad afshar
7 months ago

Google webmaster shows 403 error for my sitemap
I have no idea what it’s wrong with this!
As I have checked again, there is no page requires authentication.
Please help me what I should to do to resolve this issue.

1 day ago

Thanks for writing a great article on this issue. I contacted my hosting. Maybe a problem with my Cloudflare DNS.