Messenger – How to change to the awesome black theme

Messenger – How to change to the awesome black theme

Facebook has recently released a test version of the new black color scheme for Messenger. I must admit that this is an option that I had been waiting for. To turn it on it is not enough to just enter the settings. you must first know the spell.

How to turn on the black color scheme in Messenger

In the test phase of the new Messenger style, the skin change requires following steps.

  1. Update Messenger
  2. Send the moon emoji to any frend. You will find it in animals group.
  3. Then touch it several times.
  4. It should appear the popout that allows you to change the Messenger’s skin to the dark one.

Why is not this option in the settings?

I can only speculate why Fecebook’s developers did not provide this option directly in the settings. The official version says that the new style is still being tested. However, in my opinion, the reason may be slightly different. Namely – grapevine. As you know, people love sharing informations through this kind channel. However, without going too deeply into the intentions of Facebook, it must be admitted that this form of information is very attractive.

At the end… May I ask you for something?

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