Oracle MOOC: Introduction to PL/SQL Program Units 2018

Oracle MOOC: Introduction to PL/SQL Program Units 2018

Another Oracle MOOC has just started. This time you have an opportunity to learn about PL/SQL Program Units starting from anonymous block, through stored procedures, to more advanced topics. In this post I will show you how to prepare your own development environment for the MOOC purposes much faster than it was described on the official course site.

Course Overview

Course page: Oracle MOOC: Introduction to PL/SQL Program Units
Date: 6 March – 27 March
Reward: You can earn badge like below



In one of my previous posts I made a video about running Oracle Database on Docker. If you do not have Docker installed yet, you can watch the video to better understand the topic.

I. Create Docker container with Oracle Database 11g XE

For the purposes of the MOOC you can create and manage Docker container using commands like below.

#create container
docker create --name mooc-db-plsql-pu-2018 --shm-size=2g -p 10022:1521 -p 10082:8080 alexeiled/docker-oracle-xe-11g

#start container
docker start mooc-db-plsql-pu-2018

#stop container
docker stop mooc-db-plsql-pu-2018

#removing container
docker rm mooc-db-plsql-pu-2018


II. Run setup scripts

Go to the course page, enroll the course and read course Setup section.

When you are ready, download file and unzip it. Then, download and install SQLDeveloper.

Make sure you have created and started the database container. Run SQLDeveloper and create database connection using following values:

host localhost
SID xe
port 10022
username sys
password oracle


Open setup.sql  file and run it as script.


III. Verify setup

Connect to the database using ora1/ora1 account and execute select statements.

SELECT count(*) FROM ad_course_details;
-- Expected: 15 rows

SELECT count(*) FROM tab;
-- Expected: 22 rows



In my opinion, using Docker, you are able to prepare the environment for work in a few minutes and it’s much faster than downloading whole Oracle Developer VM. What do you think?


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