Oracle MOOC: SQL Fundamentals 2018

The Oracle MOOC (Free Oracle Massive Open Online Course) is a great opportunity to enter the world of Oracle technologies. The SQL Fundamentals 2018 course began on January 8th and it’s open for 31 days, so you have still chance to take a part and get reward. The course is 100% free.


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Kdenlive – Transition showcase

This short video presents most of the out of the box kdenlive transition effects like dissolve, hard cut, transforms and  wipes. Kdenlive transitions: 00:04 wipe curtain 00:06 wipe cloud 00:09…

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ADF-DRY #1: JDeveloper code templates

DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) – is a one of the main principles of software development. It’s usually associated with avoiding of code repetition, but you can use it to optimise your workspace. How? Let’s start from code templates. (more…)

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04 – GitLab and Jenkins integration via Webhooks and GitLab plugin

There are many ways that lead to the goal in IT world. You have to choose the right for your purposes.

In previous post I showed you the most common way to integrate any git repository with Jenkins – I mean SCM Polling. This time I’ll show you an another (GitLab specific) method that opens the door to do Jenkins and GitLab advanced integration such: team collaboration, pull requests, separate branch builting/testing and notifications. (more…)

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