[SOLVED] OBS Studio – missing browser source in Ubuntu Linux

[SOLVED] OBS Studio – missing browser source in Ubuntu Linux

When I was recording one of my livestreams i noticed that there is missing browser source in my OBS Studio. I turned out that this option is missing in linux and you have to install OBS plugin to get browser source working on linux. In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can fix this issue.

At first, download the newest version of obs-linuxbrowser from


Then go to the ~/.config/obs-studio directory and create plugins directory if necessary. Next step is to unzip previously downloaded browser plugin into the plugins directory. After restarting OBS Studio you should be able to add Linux Browser source to your Scene.

Watch the video tutorial on YouTube

Na zakończenie mam jeszcze jedną prośbę.

Jeśli pomogłem Ci rozwiązać problem, to udostępnij proszę ten post. Dzięki temu będę miał okazję trafić do szerszej grupy odbiorców. Dziękuję

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2 months ago

Thank you so much for this wonderful article. Really really helpful. Hope OBS integrates this in the next version by default.

15 days ago

Thanks man! Worked a charm.