How to call a method on application load

Imagine that you need to do some work just before or a little after an application starts. It might be to prepare some configuration or to start some background services. There is a very simple solution to call some java method on an ADF Application boot time – It’s a servlet with “Load on application start” option. (more…)

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04 – Basic page navigation

Prepare new application Prepare clean ADF application workspace and open your unbounded TaskFlow (adfc-config.xml). Creating pages Add three sites inside: mainPage.jsf, pageOne.jsff and pageTwo.jsff Double click on each for create every…

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03 – ADF Hello World Application

Creating ADF Workspace From menu choose "File->New->Application". From "New Gallery" window choose "ADF Fusion Web Application" Now the wizzard starts. Fille necessary informations like: Application Name, Directory and Default Package…

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02 – JDeveloper first steps

JDeveloper 12c - First run Run JDeveloper, after few seconds you will see "Select Role" screen.  At now uncheck "Always prompt for role selection on startup" (You can always change…

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