ADF-DRY #1: JDeveloper code templates

DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) – is a one of the main principles of software development. It’s usually associated with avoiding of code repetition, but you can use it to optimise your workspace. How? Let’s start from code templates. (more…)

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03 – HelloWorld WebService

In this tutorial I’ll show you, how to implement your first webservice in Oracle SOA Suite using Mediator component. Additionaly you will learn how to create XSD files, deploy SOA Composite Application to SOA Server and test it.


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04 – Basic page navigation

Prepare new application Prepare clean ADF application workspace and open your unbounded TaskFlow (adfc-config.xml). Creating pages Add three sites inside: mainPage.jsf, pageOne.jsff and pageTwo.jsff Double click on each for create every…

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03 – ADF Hello World Application

Creating ADF Workspace From menu choose "File->New->Application". From "New Gallery" window choose "ADF Fusion Web Application" Now the wizzard starts. Fille necessary informations like: Application Name, Directory and Default Package…

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02 – JDeveloper first steps

JDeveloper 12c - First run Run JDeveloper, after few seconds you will see "Select Role" screen.  At now uncheck "Always prompt for role selection on startup" (You can always change…

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