WordPress – How to add image button to menu without any plugin

WordPress – How to add image button to menu without any plugin

Here you can find how to create button with icon without additional plugins. You can use it for many different purposes like custom RSS Feed button or Social follow. The final effect you can see o the image above. Please take your attention on the icon o the left to “RRS” link.

How to add an image link into menu

On the Internet you can find many tutorials that urge you to install a special add-on that allows you to add customized icon to menu link. Bu the truth is… You don’t need to. Only you have to do is:

  • Log into the WordPress admin panel
  • Go to Appearance -> Menus

Then open “Menu Icons Settings” and ensure that “Image” checkbox is selected. After that you will be able to set custom icon on links as on the following screens.

After select the “Image” checkbox you are allowed to set custom icon on menu links by doing following steps:

  • Add Custom Links to the menu and select an icon from the gallery.

Next you can choose icon from the gallery or upload custom image.

At the end… May I ask you for something?

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Justin Walduck
Justin Walduck
1 year ago

This requires the Menu Icons plugin to be installed. Without it the Menu Icons Settings option does not appear.