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  • Unity3D: Build Flexible detector script using UnityEvent system
    Let’s build a very useful and flexible detector script, that you can easily use to detect if some body enters the specific space. Then using UnityEvnts system you will be able to flexibly notify other GameObject about this fact. The created detector allows you to use it in various situations in the future without writing any line of code.
  • SpringBoot: Resetting H2 database before each integration test
    In the following article, apart from providing two solutions to the title problem, we will also talk about a few side topics. I find them worth discussing as they explain the specific behavior of SpringBoot and the H2 database when running JUnit tests.
  • Unity3D: Scrolling texture on Sprite(Image)
    In this article, I will show you how you can scroll the texture on the Image object in Unity. This effect can be used, for example, to simulate a moving background or the parallax effect.

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