[SOLVED] Android: socket failed: EACCES (Permission denied)

When you try to connect with web server you got the following exception: java.net.SocketException: socket failed: EACCES (Permission denied) at java.net.Socket.createImpl(Socket.java:492) at java.net.Socket.getImpl(Socket.java:552) at java.net.Socket.setSoTimeout(Socket.java:1180) at okhttp3.internal.connection.RealConnection.connectSocket(RealConnection.java:244) at ... okhttp3.RealCall.getResponseWithInterceptorChain(RealCall.java:254)…

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DL4J: How to create a neural network that draws images – Step by step guide

Neural networks, machine learning, artificial intelligence - I get the impression that these slogans attack us from everywhere. They are mainly associated with the giants of the IT industry, who from time to time report spectacular progress in this field. I decided to dispel myths about machine learning using a series of articles explaining this problem by interesting examples. In this article, I will show you how to build and learn a neural network to generate one image based on another step by step.

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